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DJI Spark

So last week, i just notice that DJI will release a mini drone called as DJI Spark on this June. Think that i will pre order DJI Spark in my region (Indonesia). So how DJI Spark impressed me ?




So i got this picture from Casey Neistat video comparing spark against mavic pro. See, the size of dji spark body is same like Galaxy S8 or Iphone 5. You can put spark on your pocket. Awesome!!!


In http://store.dji.com/product/spark, DJI Spark starting price is from USD 569. There is Spark Fly More Combo (See DJI Website for more detail) with USD 789 Price. In Indonesia, through Hascomagicsky (One of official DJI seller) instagram info the price will be

Rp. 7.660.000


And for Spark Fly More Combo


Rpl. 10.760.000

3.Control with your hand

You can use your hand gestures to take amazing aerial shot just like we did on our smartphones

4.Depth Effect Shot (They Called as Shallow Focus)

Remember Depth Effect feature on Iphone 7 plus ? DJI Spark have it too, called as Shallow Focus when you can take a blurry background and focus on your foreground. Your photo will be like the result from DLSR.


*Photo from tom tech time youtube.

Okay, so i really can’t wait to buy this things, i’ll see ya when i already held this things


*Feature image from https://cdn.macrumors.com/article-new/2017/05/content_DJI_Spark_Ocean.jpg


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